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Prashant Bakshi

Chief Customer Officer

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Prashant Bakshi currently works as the Chief Customer Officer at New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Prashant is a storyteller, a right-brained leader. In his role, Prashant is tasked with driving NZQA’s Customer Experience (Cx) strategy. Prashant is accountable for Data Science and AI, Customer Experience and Service Design, Customer Insights, Complaints, Customer Channels (Web, Contact centre, Apps etc), Business Process Management, Information Management, Privacy amongst other functions.

Prashant has been a Cx leader for several years and has experience in a variety of strategic and operational roles in public and private organisations in New Zealand and overseas. Consistently across all his career, Prashant has been a highly passionate and a ‘high-energy’ leader who believes in taking everyone on the journey and in the mantra of professional integrity – you cant be customer centric externally if you are not customer centric internally and treat staff as customers. Prashant is particularly focussed on bringing the hard and soft skills in his team together – by combining Data Science and AI skills with Customer Experience skills to bring about holistic benefits for customers.

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